We are Hiring

We are Start up in Digital sales enablement & Sales management space, currently we are in ideation to Minimun Viable Product i.e MVP stage. We are looking for like minded people to be part of core founding team.

Below is short description of kind of people we are looking for…

  1. People with interest in writing.
  2. People interested in creating engaging, emotional, entertaining content,  visuals, videos.
  3. Passionate people who love reading topics like Personal Development, psychology, business, management, leadership, sales, startup, communication, soft skills, neuroscience, motivation, human behaviour, storytelling.
  4. Past proven credentials/success in a similar domain.
  5. People having a Startup mindset.
  6. People who want to change the current age old learning & training system.
  7. People from Sales, L&D, e-learning background, Trainers, content creator, YouTubers, writers, bloggers, movie maker.
  8. Hardworking, smart people, willing to put their heart and soul to make this venture successful and change the world.

If you find everything written above interesting we are dying to talk to you.