Strategic Opportunity Management

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity

– H Jackson Jr –
( Americas Best Selling Author)

About Strategic Opportunity Management

Strategic Opportunities are very few and far between and need to be managed carefully. For some Sales Organisation, these opportunities decide sustenance while for some Sales rep it might decide their next promotion.

Every quarter your Sales team work on few  large strategic deals which can make or break the quarter for them. A successful closure of strategic deal is a summation of various small steps executed with great precision, right from prospecting to solutioning to negotiation to closure each step is carefully planned and need to be in control to get the desired result.

Our Approach

Strategic Opportunity Management is designed for any complex opportunities with long evaluation cycles, many players involved in the buying decision process, multiple competitors, and high strategic value for both the buyer and seller we examine every phase of selling, may it be prospecting, strategic dialogues, presenting,negotiation.


Core fundamentals of Strategic Opportunity Management is to find key levers which can keep you in the driver’s seat for any sales opportunity so our approach is to first assess the current relationship, How do they perceive you? How do they define Value?


Once we are through with Assess, we focus on exploring Value Creation for these accounts, Leverage Internal expertise , Find Key Insights, Explore all GTM routes.


This one day workshop is  a process to document key time bound actionable which we can act upon and build a compelling Value prop for Customers at any stage of engagement.

Business Outcome