Sales Mentoring

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.

– Oprah Winfrey –

What is Sales Mentoring ?

Sales Training is a powerful tool to equip your sales team, but the bottom line is that no methodology can change selling behaviour unless it is implemented with rigorous field coaching. Often sales managers are entrusted with this job but due to intense short-term pressure of quota attainment, they are not able to do justice to this crucial activity. As a result, ROI on sales training isn’t very encouraging.

At Infinite Possibilities, we understand the challenges of implementing a sales framework. Our Sales Mentoring program personalizes Sales Enablement to guide sales reps in making effective use of knowledge, experience and skills to achieve desired goals.

Our Approach

Regular Mentoring sessions are conducted for sales reps with specific goals, action steps and areas of improvement. Mentoring program focuses on 4 major parameters of Sales Rep’s Activity. Participants’ performance on quota attainment is judged on these indicators. It acts as a framework and benchmark for sales execution and effectiveness.

Parameters include:

·       Funnel qualification.

·       Discovering compelling reasons to act.

·       Value Engagement Framework.

·       Business Plan Review which will cover Account Plan, GTM and Crucial Customer Conversations.

Business Outcome