Inside Sales Training

Sales is an outcome not a goal, Its a Function of doing numerous things right , right from picking up the phone and Calling up your first customer to closing the Deal

– Jill Konrath –

About Inside Sales Training

The Inside Sales team of a Sales Organization plays a vital role in demand generation. Companies invest a lot in dedicated Inside /Virtual Sales team for lead generation, fixing up appointments and even deal closures over the phone. Customers these days have warmed up to the idea of getting information they need from sales resources over phone or through web conferences and video conferences.  According to a McKinsey report this has increased the time sales reps spend with customers by 40 percent and improved the reps’ productivity as well work-life balance.

All said and done, Cold Calling is still the most feared, procrastinated and uncomfortable activity conducted by sales teams. Besides, reps have been using old-school methods of calling customers which might work at times but are usually ineffective, inefficient and don’t yield the desired results.

Our Approach

At Infinite Possibilities, we offer a specific framework designed to fit the inside sales model by keeping the customer engaged. We prefer coaching Value Conversation instead of a vanilla point- discussion. This program focuses on step by step journey of Inside Sales right from building a calling mindset, pre-call planning, articulating calling script, listening, questioning skills, and following up for next activity.

Participants will equip themselves with an understanding of the biases and psychological principles in customer interactions and how to navigate them. In the end, sellers develop the confidence needed to unlock the full potential of inside sales.

Business Outcome