About Us

Infinite Possibilities is Instructor-led and Digital Sales Enablement  Platform, our goal is to help Sales Teams be more productive through Enablement and Sales tools.

Professional Sales exists since last 200 years and Sales Enablement exists for last 100 years however organisations are still relying on the age-old method of training and enabling their Sales Reps which are not so effective

Unfortunately, Sales as a Subject is little under-researched also there are very few institutes who teach formal Sales Course but still, Sales remain most sought after and highly paid profession.

Infinite Possibilities through its Innovative use of Technology, Art and Principals of Adult Learning will formalize Sales education and revolutionize the way Sales Enablement takes place and make Enablement & Trainings a journey, not a two day or one-day employee engagement activity.

Our Instructor Led and Digital approach will provide one of a kind learning experience which Sales Teams will fall in love with and help them to achieve tangible outcomes which can be measured and monitored by their Sr Management.

Prabodh Deolekar


Prabodh Deolekar has  12 + Experience in Sales and Business Development in Organisations like IBM, Netapp, Orange Business Services and Startup companies in past 12 years, he has specialized in Enterprise Account Management, Territory Management, Channel Sales. Prabodh has largely been successful in acquiring large competitive accounts, closing large transformation deals & enabling channel ecosystem.

Training and Facilitation have always been Prabodh ’s passion he is also certified under Dale Carnegie Train The Trainer Program.  

Being a hands-on Salesperson throughout his career he understands practical challenges of Sales Rep’s and excels in delivering and developing Sales Enablement content which fits their role.

Prabodh is also a proficient public speaker and member of Toastmaster’s International. He has spoken at conferences as a prominent speaker on topics related to Communication and Sales.

Prabodh holds Computer Engineering Degree from Mumbai University he is also a Certified Yoga Instructor.


  1. Customer value creation is always at the centre of what we do.
  2. We will always engage in relentless pursuit of a faster, better and cheaper way to change status quo.
  3. We believe that everything can be figured out.
  4. All great triumphs begin with small wins. We celebrate with fervour the little victories en route the larger conquest.
  5. We believe that you don’t need to have all the answers to be effective and efficient, but you definitely need to know where to look for them.
  6. We only welcome people with kind heart and high integrity.
  7. We always on a lookout for passionate people who believe in our Vision and Mission.
  8. Each employee in our organization is a Sales Rep first, then they have other job’s.


Our mission is to make sales enablement a lifelong journey and not a one day or two-day activity. 


Our vision is to be a Mentor for every Sales Student on this planet.