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Strategic Account

Strategic accounts are the blood and soul for any Organisation, when they catch Cold entire Organisation sneezes. It’s a widely known fact that in B2B Sales 20% of customers contribute to 80% of Organisation’s revenue and these 20% accounts need a special approach a special focus and special plan as they are Strategic to your business and like wise you need to be strategic to their business too also as a Organisation its imperative to keep on increasing pie of your Strategic accounts.

Strategic Opportunity

Strategic Opportunity Management is  designed for any complex opportunities with long evaluation cycles, many players involved in the buying decision process, multiple competitors, and high strategic value for both the buyer and seller we  examine every phase of selling, may it be prospecting, strategic dialogues, presenting,negotiation.

Business Presentation

Your customers are bombarded with an enormous amount of information today, it indeed a challenge for Sales Rep’s to offer a fresh perspective on why their offering is unique. With Solutions getting commoditized and price becoming major deciding factor for customer businesses need’s a persuasive tool to stand out from the noise.

Inside SalesTraining

At Infinite Possibilities we offers a specific framework designed to fit the inside sales model by keeping the customer engaged. We focussed on teaching Value Conversation rather than point discussion .Program step by step journey of Inside Sales right from building calling mindset, pre call planning , Articulating Calling script, Listening , Questioning skills , follow up for Next Activity.

Sales Mentoring

Sales Training are great tools of for equipping your Sales team however the bottom line is no methodology can change selling behaviors – unless it is implemented with rigorous in-field coaching. Research by the SEC has found that Effective sales Mentoring for 3 hours per month per sales rep delivered the highest increase in quota attainment. The same research found that sales Mentoring  was the least developed skill in sales management.

Digital Learning

The Internet Revolution has  Democratised information with the advent of millions of Website every other Website is a source of learning and every other person can claim to  be a guru in his subject, there are good things and not so good things about this revolution.

Delivering A Powerful Sales Tool

You Can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t present them well, Your Ideas won't get you anywhere

– Lee Iacocca –
( Former Chairman of Chrysler Corp)